Soal 9/11, Bush, Bin Laden, dan Perang Iraq

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Semalem aku nonton Fahrenheit 911. Film karya Micahel Moore ini ternyata luar biasa. Fakta, data, dan gambar yang diambil memberikan informasi tersembunyi soal tragedi WTC 2001 lalu. Secara garis besar inilah dia.

Fox was the first network to call Florida for Bush. Before that, some other networks had called Florida for Gore, and they changed after Fox called it for Bush.

The man who was in charge of the decision desk at FOX on election night was Bush’s first cousin, John Ellis.

Congressional Black Caucus members tried to object to the election outcome on the floor of the House; no Senator would sign the objections.

“On the day George W. Bush was inaugurated, tens of thousands of Americans poured into the streets of D.C. They pelted Bush’s limo with eggs.”

“In his first eight months in office before September 11, George W. Bush was on vacation, according to the Washington Post, forty-two percent of the time.”

As the attack took place, Mr. Bush was on his way to an elementary school in Florida . When informed of the first plane hitting the World Trade Center, where terrorists had struck just eight years prior, Bush just decided to go ahead with his photo opportunity

When the second plane hit the tower, his chief of staff entered the classroom and told Mr. Bush the nation is under attack.

Mr. Bush just sat there and continued to read My Pet Goat.

The security briefing that was given to him on August 6, 2001, said that Osama bin Laden was planning to attack America by hijacking airplanes.

In the days following September 11th , all commercial and private airline traffic was grounded.

The White House approved planes to pick up the bin Ladens and numerous other Saudis.

At least six private jets and nearly two dozen commercial planes carried the Saudis and the bin Ladens out of the U.S. after September 13th. In all, 142 Saudis, including 24 members of the bin Laden family, were allowed to leave the country.

White House released records in response to Moore’s charge of deserter.

There is one glaring difference between the records released in 2000 and those he released in 2004. A name had been blacked out. In 1972, two airmen were suspended for failing to take their medical examination. One was George W. Bush and the other wasJames R. Bath.

James R. Bath was the Texas money manager for the Bin Laden family.

George W. Bush and James R. Bath had become good friends.

“After they were discharged, when Bush’s dad was head of the CIA, Bath opened up his own aviation business, after selling a plane to a man by the name of Salem bin Laden, heir to the second largest fortune in Saudi Arabia, the Saudi bin Laden Group.”

“George W. Bush founded an oil company, a drilling company, out in west Texas called Arbusto, which was very good at drilling dry holes.”

“Bush’s good friend James Bath was hired by the bin Laden family to manage their money in Texas and invest in businesses. And James Bath himself, in turn, invested in George W. Bush.”

“The Carlyle group is a multinational conglomerate that invests in heavily government-regulated industries like telecommunications, healthcare and, particularly, defense.”

The Bin Laden and Bush families were both connected to the Carlyle Group, as were many of the Bush family’s friends and associates.

“Carlyle Group was holding its annual investor conference on the morning of September 11th in the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Washington, D.C. At that meeting were all of the Carlyle regulars, James Baker, likely John Major, definitely George H. W. Bush, though he left the morning of September 11th. Shafiq bin Ladin, who is Osama bin Laden’s half-brother, and was in town to look after his family’s investments in the Carlyle Group. All of them, together in one room, watching as the uh the planes hit the towers.”

“It owned United Defense, makers of the Bradley armored fighting vehicle. September 11th guaranteed that United Defense was going to have a very good year. Just 6 weeks after 9-11 Carlyle filed to take United Defense public and in December made a one day profit of $237 million dollars.”

“Bush tried to stop Congress from setting up its own 9/11 investigation.… When he couldn’t stop Congress, he then tried to stop an independent 9/11 commission from being formed.”

The White House censored 28 pages of the Congressional 9/11 report.

More than 500 relatives of 9/11 victims filed suit Saudi Royals and others. The lawyers the Saudi Defense Minister hired to fight these 9/11 families was the law firm of Bush family confidant James A. Baker.

And who got a Caspian Sea drilling contract the same day Unocal signed the pipeline deal? A company headed by a man named Dick Cheney, Halliburton.”

Enron stood to benefit from the pipeline.

Kenneth Lay of Enron was Bush’s number one campaign contributor.

“Then in 2001, just five and a half months before 9/11, the Bush administration welcomed a special Taliban envoy to tour the United States to help improve the image of the Taliban government.”

The Taliban were harboring the man who bombed the USS Cole and our African embassies.

“On March 19th, 2003, George W. Bush and the United States military invaded Iraq, which had never attacked or threatened to attack the United States. A nation that had never murdered a single American citizen.”

Nearly 5,000 wounded in the war.

“Out of the 535 members of Congress, only one had an enlisted son in Iraq.”


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